Education Project

At The Movable Feast, we strongly believe that we need to engage the young people of North Wales to develop an understanding of their local environment, encourage them to be creative and also to enjoy wonderful food.

Our Education Project

As part of The Movable Feast we are engaging with local schools for them to learn about local marine life, create some wonderful art that will decorate each feast and also enjoy cooking with a local chef.



Art – Science – Cookery. As part of our 2018 programme we have visited local schools, taking with us a marine biologist, a local artist and a local chef. The outcome of our visits has been amazing, we have a myriad of colourful banners which the children have printed with images of local species of fish and the feedback on our sessions including the cookery workshops has been phenomenal.



The-Movable-Feast-North-Wales-Education-ProgrammeArt. Based on Gyotaku which evolved in Japan as a means for fishermen to record their catch.  In the days before cameras these fish prints provided proof by preserving the size and appearance of the fish that had been caught.  As part of The Movable Feast education programme, the children have used sail cloth and water resistant inks to produce amazing banners which are being used to decorate each location that The Movable Feast visit.




The-Movable-Feast-North-Wales-Education-ProgrammeScience. What happens with our local marine life? What are the key fish found in local waters? Looking at themes such as local marine life, sustainability and food chains, the children have taken a look at what happens in and around the waters of North Wales.



The-Movable-Feast-North-Wales-Education-ProgrammeFood. The Movable Feast is all about local food and drink, our ingredients, our producers and promoting the vibrant food and drink community that we have in North Wales. As part of our time in schools one of our member chefs has worked with the children to show how to create delicious food from locally available fish. We believe in our local community, using locally sourced ingredients to create delicious and healthy food that is within the reach of our young people.




The Movable Feast Education Project is a key part of our ethos and strategy to develop an extension project that works with our children and young people to develop and understanding of local marine species and takes the children on a creative food journey promoting the local culture and food of North Wales.