North West Wales Food Producer Group – FAQ’s

Event Logistics

Who do I need to contact re my pitch size and electricity?
Contact Anna and she will be able to sort any problems out.

Will we get a site plan so we know where the facilities are?
One will be sent to you electronically once you have registered and paid for your stall.

Is there help on the day to set up?
We would like to think all our stallholders are pretty independent, but help is on hand if its needed, mostly via other producers and the set-up guys

I have a stall and wondered where can I park my vehicle after unloading?
Each event has different areas for the producers to park. Chat to Anna if you have any problems, but this should be clearly indicated on the site plan.

What times do you expect producers to be set up by?
Each event has a start time. You should aim to be ready half an hour before the start time with your vehicle parked off site.

Is there access to water on the site?
Yes, but always good to check your needs with Anna beforehand.

What happens if I’m not happy with the sighting of the pitch?
Firstly, discuss your needs with Anna and feedback either to Anna herself or to the members area if there are any concerns.

What do I do with my rubbish?
Our environmental policy is very clear, we want to keep the impact of the feasts to a minimum and enjoyment/benefit to local area to a max. Please take your rubbish with you and dispose responsibly.

Who else will be there?
There are producers from each of the three counties including caterers and crafts people. There will be entertainment and circus acts to put everyone in the mood.

Can I finish early and pack away?
An empty space, table or Gazebo does not look good. Unless otherwise stated you will be asked to attend for the duration of the event.


Are there concessions for booking all the events together?
We haven’t allowed for this but please discuss your requirements with Anna

Can I pay on the day?
We ask that everyone pays well before the event, our terms are 7 days after receipt of invoice.


What do I get for being a member?
Your business will benefit from all of our marketing efforts and in some cases highlighted via social media or the regional press.

What marketing material or links can I use to promote my business?
There is a marketing toolkit on this page to help you with social media and general marketing. If you have any questions about marketing, please speak to Maria McLean who handles our marketing.

What help is there available for my marketing?
There are always ideas that will help to improve your marketing. Using the toolkit or chat to us about how to improve the links to caterers or other members. This group is about linking and promoting our producers both for food and drink. Supplying us with photos or information for press releases quickly will help us to help you. If you need particular help then please ask Maria McLean

How can I help with marketing the event?
Social Media – Please promote all the events on your social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
Your Website – If you can add a news item to your website then please do so.
Leaflets & Posters – Have leaflets available for your customers.
Images & Video – if you have any images or Video of Feasts that you have attended please send them to Maria McLean
Local Press – If you have any contacts with local press then please let them know about the events. We do have a Press department and regular press releases go out but another reminder is always good.

Group Contact Information

Anna Openshaw Central Admin anna@themoveablefeast.org
Wyn Roberts Website and Social Media wyn@themoveablefeast.org
Maria General Marketing and Media maria@themovablefeast.org